It’s never too early to celebrate Christmas, so here’s a few ideas on meaningful ways to celebrate Baby’s First Christmas and make memories that you can treasure for years to come. Even better, most of these ideas come without a price tag because the best things in life are free right!

Baby's First Christmas Video Journal

Video journals are a great way to capture short memories on your phone. We recommend the app 1SE (short for 1 second every day). It creates a video diary for you using short video clips from your phone and then mashes them together to create a longer, chronological video diary. The app is free but you can upgrade to capture multiple and longer clips, or to backfill the days you’ve missed. Then export your video as a keepsake for you to look back on and enjoy.

Baby's First Christmas Advent Calendar

Make your own advent calendar to celebrate December. Fill it with little pieces of paper annotating Christmassy things you might be doing that day, or little toys, black and white printables for stimulation, the options are endless. We love these DIY advent calendar ideas from house beautiful.

Baby's First Christmas Market Experience

Pop baby in a sling and find a local Christmas market to get in the mood. It’s fun for all the family and full of atmosphere, smells and stimulation for baby.

Baby's First Christmas Eve Box

Whilst it might be tempting to splurge on a load of Christmas toys to fill your box, create your own simple Christmas Eve box by including stimulating bits and pieces you can find around the home. Look for things that they can look at, feel, smell, hear and taste. You can get older siblings involved in helping you choose items too.

Here are a few ideas from us: pinecone (for touch), homemade rattle i.e. pasta in a bottle (for sound), cinnamon stick or clementine (for smell), a wooden spoon (for bashing and sucking), something furry or silky (for texture) – you get the idea.

Baby's First Christmas Tastes

If baby is old enough and ready for weaning, why not let them have their first taste of Christmas Lunch or Dinner. Even if it’s just a mashed up roasted potato at the end of the table, it’s fun to get them involved and let them join in the experience.

Baby's First Christmas Crinkly Wrapping Paper!

When you’re buying for baby, take extra special care to buy wrapping paper that they’ll enjoy playing with! It’ll keep them busy whilst you’re opening gifts and stimulate them ready for nap time. You can also wrap your gifts in muslin squares if you prefer an eco and useful alternative.

Baby's First Christmas Bauble

One for the crafters. Visit your local hobby craft and find something you can decorate together and hang on the tree. Even if it’s just a painted handprint from your newborn baby it’ll mean so much more than a personalised shop bought one, and something they can look back and enjoy when they’re older.

Baby's First Christmas Cards

Depending on how many you’re intending to send, you can hand make and paint cards together or stage a Christmas baby photo and print your own.

Baby's First Christmas Story Book

There are plenty of options available. Find something you think they’ll enjoy and snuggle down and read it to them in the run up to Christmas.

Baby's First Christmas Carols

Whatever age, most babies love the sound of music! Either sing to them yourself, play some music at home or if you’re feeling brave take them to a carol concert or out carol singing with you.

We hope you enjoy some of these ideas, and please feel free to drop us a note so that we can add yours too! Have a wonderful Christmas,

The Little Art Collection Team x