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Bamboo baby in the Summer sun

July 04, 2017

Bamboo baby in the Summer sun

Summer is finally here but when the temperatures soar it can be tough on the little ones. With a three month old baby I know this too well, so here are my Bamboo 'top tips' for keeping baby cool in the summer sun. I hope they help...

Keeping baby cool at night

image of baby Eva sleeping in swaddle blanketIn the last heat wave, baby Eva spent most of her time lying naked in front of a blasting fan (...oh, if only we could..), and as a Mum I know I certainly worry about getting her temperature right, particularly at night. They say that over-heating can increase the risk of SIDS, and as the NHS advise using layers of lightweight blankets to moderate temperature we use our lightweight Bamboo swaddles. Our Bamboo muslin is much softer than traditional Cotton muslin, but has the same open weave - this makes it breathable so body heat can escape whilst still keeping baby snug and warm.

The cold flannel treatment

When it’s excruciatingly hot and Eva doesn’t know what to do with herself, I like to drench one of her muslin squares in cold water and drape it over her little tummy. The smaller size means that if she falls asleep I don’t have to worry about her getting tangled up, and because Bamboo muslin is more absorbent than Cotton it does the job beautifully….

Shade bathing

image of baby Eva shadebathingOur Bamboo swaddles are extra-large so I tend to use ours as a makeshift play mat for shade bathing in the garden (whilst Mummy tries to catch some rays, usually unsuccessfully). They can also be easily stuffed into changing bags for trips out and about; great for picnics, rough and ready beach towels for toddlers, I’ve even had Eva playing on the floor in a restaurant!

Protecting from the elements

image of baby Eva with swaddle blanket over maxicosi-bugabooExperts warn that you shouldn’t put blankets over your baby’s pram to shield them from the sun due to the risk of overheating (and SIDS), but I like to tie it around the back of my Maxicosi-Bugaboo combo as a makeshift shield. She still gets plenty of airflow and I can see her/she can see me through the front but it keeps the sun off her face, perfect for those early morning dog walks.

If you need help keeping your baby cool and fancy treating them to a little bit of luxury, you can view our full range of Bamboo swaddle blankets and muslins on our website from £29.99

I hope this does the trick, and enjoy the sun whilst it lasts,

Take care,

Pippa x


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