Thank you for shopping with us! Your bamboo muslins are machine washable and easy to care for, here’s a quick post about the best way to care for them to ensure they stay silky and ‘new’ for baby and beyond.

Washing your Baby Muslins

There is no need to hand wash your baby muslins, they can go in a normal cycle at 30 degrees. Please ensure they are washed with like colours and similar items. Avoid washing them with items that have zips or Velcro as these will damage the muslin as they move about in the wash. Do not dry clean.

Should I use fabric softener with my Bamboo Muslins?

It is up to you whether you decide to use fabric softener when washing your muslins. Fabric softener coats the fibres which can lessen the chance of rubbing within your load and ensures they remain soft. If you decide not to use fabric softener your muslins may feel stiffer when they are wet but once they are completely dry they will feel lovely and soft again.

How do I prevent pilling?

All fabrics are at risk of pilling, it is caused from rubbing and abrasion during washing. It is more likely to happen with knitted fabrics (e.g. t-shirts) than it is wovens (e.g. muslins).

  • If you are washing something that you think might be susceptible to pilling then pop it on a gentler cycle with a shorter runtime.
  • Always turn your garments inside to prevent damage to the outside from rubbing against buttons and zippers.
  • Make sure you’re sorting your laundry properly – washing muslins alongside denim for example will cause lots of abrasion.
  • Do not overload your washing machine. If you have too many items in your load they will rub together and damage each other.
  • Use fabric softener
  • Avoid using a tumble dryer

How do I dry my Baby Muslins?

We recommend that you line dry your muslins or dry them flat.

Can I iron my Muslins?

Yes you can iron your muslins on low.