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Are muslin cloths good for your face?

Yes! As a follow on to our previous blog post – 20 weird and wonderful ways you can use your baby muslins - here are a few tried and tested ways you can use muslin cloth for your face and skincare regimes. Use bamboo muslin face cloths or bamboo muslin squares if you can as they retain the natural antibacterial properties of the bamboo plant

1. Muslin cleansing cloths

If you use face cloths it’s important to use a clean washcloth every day or they will redeposit dirt and grime back onto your face. Muslin cloth provides a gentler and more sanitary alternative to traditional washcloths and brush heads because they are easy to keep clean (rinse out or machine wash) and dry very quickly, this reduces the chance of bacterial growth often found on sponges or exfoliator brushes

Rinse your baby muslin or muslin face cloth in lukewarm water and use it to wash away cleanser. The open weave of the fabric will lift away dead skin cells and impurities, gently exfoliating your skin and stimulating circulation. With the daily grime removed, newer and younger skin cells are revealed on your skin’s surface enabling product to absorb quickly and work more effectively. You will find exfoliating with muslin face cloths makes your skin appear brighter so make sure to use SPF in the sunshine to protect your new skin cells

2. Bamboo muslin face cloth with cleansing balm

If you use cleansing balm you can apply your balm directly to the warm wet muslin cloth and gently massage it into the skin – this will buff away any impurities on the surface and left over make up

3. Using bamboo muslin face cloth before you cleanse

You can also use your muslin cloths pre-cleanser to open the pores and deepen the cleanse. Submerge your muslin face cloth in hot water then wring it out and lay it over your face for 30 seconds. This will also open pores before applying face masks

4. Bamboo muslin face cloths to exfoliate lips

Like the rest of your face, your lips need exfoliating too – this is to remove dead skin cells and stimulate circulation. Place your muslin face cloth in warm water and gently exfoliate your lips in a circular motion, then add SPF lip balm to protect and lipstick if you wear

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