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Unique new baby gifts ideas

May 09, 2018

Unique new baby gifts ideas

Spring is in the air, the Royal Baby has arrived, and with a few of my friends due in the next few months it felt timely for a quick post on new baby gifts - unusual ideas that won’t get stuffed to the back of the drawer!

As a mum of two and with friends popping babies left, right and centre there’s a few things I’ve learned; 1) the number of gifts you receive for baby number one is truly astonishing (subsequent babies not so much), so it’s important to be original 2) there are always a few that get stuffed to the back of the baby drawer (no-one wants to be this gift giver), and 3) I have been this gift giver. Before I had babies I gave all sorts of things, none of which in hindsight were relevant - so here’s my run down of unusual new baby gift ideas. Baby gifts that are practical and useful, heartfelt, suitable whatever the sex, with a few ideas for mum and the family too. I hope you find it useful.

New baby gifts for the nursery

Choosing the décor for your nursery is a very personal thing, and it can be tricky to know how best to compliment people’s ideas (often kept private). It can go VERY wrong. That said, it’s nice to give gifts that last. Keeping things neutral is a safe bet. Try Myla And Oscar for gorgeous painted play blocks, and Happy Little Folks or the Natural Gift Store for traditional wooden toys – they look great on the shelf and can be played with as baby grows. For a modern nursery look at Lala Loves Decor.

New baby gifts for baby

If you’d rather buy a gift for baby to wear, then buy a nice sleepsuit, cardigan or little pair of pyjamas. The Little White Company is a good place to start for sweet, neutral outfits that come with optional gift boxes. Petit Bateau is also beautiful. I know some prefer to shop for older clothes, but my advice would be to stick to 0-3 months. Mum will buy basics in everything as the baby grows, and clothes that don’t fit early on can get lost in amongst everything else (when you have no idea what fits anymore!)

Something for mum

Spa days, expensive creams and beauty products – all great ideas to help mum feel like herself again. A bunch of beautiful flowers also goes a long way, especially right after the birth when she’s floating about at home. If you’re looking for something that ticks both mummy and baby, try Fox’s Felts for beautiful mama and baby teething baby gifts.

Heartfelt new baby gifts

Knit something, make something or shop for personalised gifts. If you’re not very ‘crafty’, photo blocks are a lovely present -  try a.musing for good quality personalised photo blocks to accessorise the home.

Practical and useful new baby gifts

Muslins (large and small) make great new baby gifts. A similar idea to buying a smart sleepsuit, but with muslins you can guarantee they’ll actually get used. There are lots of brilliant brands out there, British brands, with unique and interesting designs to suit different tastes. Our range of limited edition muslins and swaddles are made from 100% bamboo, we make them in Britain (most don’t) and they’re designed through collaborations with aspiring British-based artists. Our large bamboo swaddle blankets come with optional tissue-lined gift boxes, and everything comes with a little card to tell you about the artist behind each print. We can also wrap them up nicely for you like the picture above!

New baby gifts for mum, dad and siblings

New baby gifts for the whole family to enjoy. Take a look at This Is Nessie for beautifully illustrated family tree welly prints and personalised mugs. If you’re after something a little more classic try personalised Cornishware mugs.

New baby gifts for siblings

Each to their own, but instead of buying a ‘Big Brother’ t-shirt I’d say you can’t beat a flashy, noisy, messy toy – preferably something they think they’re probably not allowed! Or if you’re shopping for a girly girl, a pretty little dress. My favourite shop for beautiful children’s clothing is Four Fairies and a Prince with their collection of Scandinavian and Dutch children’s labels. Scamp & Dude also have lovely t-shirts and jumpers.

New baby gifts made from natural fabrics

Everyone loves a gift made from high quality fibres, as long as they’re easy to care for. Try The Wool Company for wool, lambswool and merino, and Baby Mori for clothes made from bamboo and organic cotton mix. For baby clothes made from 100% bamboo try Panda and The Sparrow – bamboo is a luxury fabric choice over cotton; it’s incredibly soft, organic, thermo-regulating, highly absorbent as well as being kind to the environment. You can find out more about why we love 100% bamboo here

I hope this has given you a few ideas, it has me! Thank you for reading...

Best wishes,

Pippa x


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