What is teething?

Teething is where baby’s first milk teeth start to emerge through their gums. It can start as early as 3 months, but usually starts between the ages of 4 – 7 months.

Teething symptoms

Sometimes baby teeth come through without any pain at all, and at other times it causes discomfort. Here are the symptoms to look for as stated on the NHS website:

  • your baby's gum is sore and red where the tooth is coming through

  • one cheek is flushed

  • they are rubbing their ear

  • your baby is dribbling more than usual

  • they are gnawing and chewing on things a lot

  • they are more fretful than usual


Teething can be an incredibly frustrating time for sleep-deprived parents, so here are our top 5 natural baby teething remedies and diy teething hacks for baby, we hope you find them helpful.

1. Frozen muslin cloth for teething

Here’s a quick and easy diy teething hack using one of your muslin squares. Tie a knot in one end of a baby muslin and wet the knotted end with cold water. Place the muslin in a ziplock bag and pop it in the freezer for 20-30 minutes. Once it is cold and stiff, remove it from the bag and touch it to your baby’s gums, better still, allow your baby to chew on the cold knotted end. The cold fabric will ease their gums and the knot provides pressure for them to gnaw against. Perfect.

(Since both of our babies were ‘muslin suckers’, you can rest easy knowing that our muslin squares have been voluntarily tested against standard EN71 from the EU toy directive, which basically means they are safe to suck. Enjoy!)

2. Use natural wooden teething toys

There are lots of natural wooden teething toys around, choose one! You can choose a sealed or a non-sealed option. If you choose a sealed wooden teether, make sure that whatever has been used to seal the teether is non-toxic and safe (i.e. food grade, such as natural beeswax). Our natural wooden teethers have been sanded smooth but left unsealed, this is to retain the natural antibacterial qualities of the wood. Wood does not hold bacteria in the same way that plastic will and is better for the planet too.

If you don’t have a wooden teether to hand, try a wooden spoon.

Wood can also be placed in the fridge or freezer for 30 minutes to provide extra relief.

3. Use a clean finger

Sometimes a clean adult finger placed gently on baby’s gum or massaging the gum is enough to ease discomfort.

4. Ice cube or frozen milk in a muslin square

Another muslin square trick for instant relief. Place an ice cube or cube of frozen milk in the centre of a muslin square and tie the muslin into a knot so that the ice cube is securely fastened inside and can be sucked through the fabric. Also a great trick for keeping baby cool on a very hot day.

5. Chamomile

If you are breastfeeding you might want to try drinking chamomile tea. Chamomile has been used as a herbal remedy for thousands of years. Make sure if you choose to drink Chamomile you are drinking a caffeine-free blend, like our Night Owl Tea by Hottea Mama, otherwise you’re in for a surprise! Nursing is also a reliable way to comfort your baby, and teething time is no exception. For those who aren’t breastfeeding, try dipping a clean finger in Chamomile tea and rubbing it against baby’s gum.

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