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Like many of you, I’ve always been aware of my plastic consumption and find it increasingly frustrating how difficult it is to shop 'eco' when buying in supermarkets and large retailers. Sadly, as it stands reducing plastic consumption as a consumer often means major lifestyle changes and increased spend which for many of us is just unrealistic with growing families and mouths to feed.

In 2018 we were fortunate enough to take a beautiful family break to the island of Jamaica. If you follow us on social media you might remember that whilst stunning, I was quite frankly horrified by the HUGE amounts of plastic washing up in the crystal-clear waters. From this point onwards I made a pledge to reduce plastic consumption for The Little Art Collection – if this is important to you too, here is the progress we’ve made so far…

We now hand pack muslin squares, swaddle blankets, baby sleepsuits, dribble bibs, nursery bedding, almost everything in our shop, using only cardboard, paper and tissue paper.

The exception are our natural wooden teethers which are packed in biodegradable plastic made from corn starch. We have retained these small plastic bags for hygiene purposes but if you would prefer yours packed without plastic of any kind – this is no problem, please leave a note to us on your order.

We no longer use biodegradable polybags for shipping. We only use cardboard mailing boxes which accounts for a few extra pennies on the shipping rates we offer.

If you are familiar with our range of products you will know that most of what we make is made from bamboo. One of the many benefits of bamboo clothing is that its 100% biodegradable meaning that our baby muslins and bamboo blankets can be completely decomposed in the soil by micro-organisms and sunlight.

We also manufacture most of products here in Britain (rather than shipping over in batches from China) which reduces their carbon footprint. Check the label on any muslin square and you will see that this is very unusual. Instead of individual shipments of swaddle blankets and baby muslins, huge quantities of bamboo yarn are shipped in bulk from India to our factory in Europe. This yarn services all of their clients. Once the fabric has been prepared it is sent as one bulk shipment to our UK factory for manufacture into products. This helps us to manage quality and lets us stock our shop by demand.

In terms of supply, all of our gift boxes are made here too and arrive packaged only in cardboard. Our teething rings arrive in cardboard boxes. Our fabrics, muslin squares, swaddle blankets, everything with a fabric element is bulk packed in one large plastic bag for each delivery which is then recycled.

Whilst there is still progress to be made, I am writing this blog post because it's extremely important to me that our business operates responsibly. It's our aim to deliver luxury products but NOT at the expense of our planet.

If you’d like to get in touch at all or have comments to add, please feel free to contact me direct on info@thelittleartcollection.co.uk

Thank you for reading

Founder, The Little Art Collection

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