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One of the biggest questions we get asked about our bamboo essentials and baby muslins is are they machine washable. As parents ourselves, YES THEY ARE! We will never make anything that doesn’t go in the machine. Here’s a quick guide to caring for our products:

Owning a washing machine (in my opinion) is essential if you’re to keep up with washing as a new mum. A few baskets can quickly turn into eight or nine as your darling new little one mows through outfit after outfit. But how should you wash clothes for a newborn? What’s the best product or the best temperature to wash newborn clothes? Can you bundle them in with the rest of your washing?

Here’s a few FAQs answered, we hope you find it useful.

What’s the best soap to wash newborn clothes with?

It is of course entirely up to you, and fairly subjective, but here’s a quick guide to the different types of detergents and things to bear in mind:

  • Colour detergent – for coloured clothes and does not contain bleach

  • Biological detergent – contains enzymes to help with stain removal, these can potentially irritate delicate skin (although there is no evidence to suggest this, see link to the NHS website here )

  • Non-biological detergent – does not contain enzymes and is less likely to irritate sensitive skin

  • Tablets – are slow to dissolve and don’t work as well in the soap drawer

  • Liquid/liquid tablets – placed directly in the container, they should not contain bleach so are good for coloured clothes and ensuring correct quantities for each load

  • Fabric softener – choosing a gentle fabric softener may help to prevent your baby’s clothes from becoming itchy

For peace of mind, all major brand detergents have been thoroughly tested to ensure they are safe to use on baby’s clothes (all should carry the British Skin Foundation logo).

If you would like to play it safe or your baby has very sensitive skin, you may prefer to use a baby-specific detergent. These are specifically formulated for baby’s sensitive skin.

You may also wish to check the packaging for the following:

  • Fragrance-free – means the detergent is free from fragrance and additional chemicals. This is not the same as unscented

  • Plant-based or chemical-free detergents – are less likely to cause your baby discomfort

  • No brighteners – these are chemicals added to make the colours brighter (not cleaner). They may linger on fabrics after washing and can potentially cause reactions with the skin

  • Hypoallergenic – these are claims from manufacturers that their detergent will cause fewer allergic reactions. Although this term is not regulated so cannot be guaranteed

Can I wash my baby clothes with mine?

Yes it is OK to wash your baby’s clothes alongside everything else. They will still get clean and it means you can put on fewer loads.

What’s the best time to wash newborn clothes?

You should wash your newborn clothes and baby clothes before they are used (even if they are pre-washed). This is to remove any substances, dust and other irritants that may have been picked up on their journey to your home.

What’s the best temperature to wash newborn clothes?

You should wash your baby clothes at 30 or 40 degrees C to avoid shrinkage. Always check the wash care instructions on your garments. Some special outfits or delicate wools, no matter how pretty, may not be suitable for machine washing and (in my opinion) are best avoided!

Should I wash my baby clothes at 60 degrees to kill germs?

The NHS advises that underwear, towels and household linen should be washed at 60 degrees, or at 40 degrees with a bleach-based detergent.

Does washing at 60 degrees kill germs?

This fantastic article from Which concludes that washing at 60 degrees is unlikely to kill germs. Microbiologists advise that the best way to wipe out bacteria is to use a good detergent. Detergents perform best at lower temperatures (30-40 degrees). A good detergent will effectively remove bacteria and viruses.

What’s the safest way to wash newborn clothes?

  • Wash at 30 or 40 degrees

  • With a good detergent to kill bacteria

  • Do not leave your washing in the drum once cleaned as it may pick up bacteria

How do I wash my baby clothes?

  • Separate out colours and whites

  • Remove heavy soiling such as food, sick or poo by wiping down or rinsing under the tap

  • Soak tough stains before washing (if you do decide to use bleach product, make sure it has been washed and rinsed thoroughly)

  • You can wash your baby clothes with the rest of the family’s clothes

  • Although you may wish to separate out clothes if anyone in the household has been ill

  • Do not leave your laundry sitting in the drum after washing where it can potentially pick up bacteria


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