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Ever wondered what a muslin square is used for? Well the answer is almost anything! Here are our top 20 weird and wonderful ways to use your muslin squares.

If you’re not sure what a muslin square is - read this blog post here. Small muslins are most commonly used for feeding and large muslins (or muslin swaddles) are most commonly used as baby blankets.

We’ve made a note against each unusual use so you know which size to use…

20 weird & wonderful ways to use your Baby Muslins

1. To exfoliate your face – yes muslin squares can be used by mum! Apply your cleanser, leave it to soak in for a few minutes, then run the cloth under warm water and buff for a glow (small muslins)

2. To comfort newborn babies when taking their first baths – placing a wet muslin over baby’s tummy during bath time will make them feel more secure (small muslins)

3. To keep baby cool in hot weather – run a small muslin square under cold water and use it as a flannel to bring baby’s body temperature down (also works well for older kids with fevers) (small muslins)

4. To ease sore gums during teething – securely tie an ice cube in a small muslin square and give it to baby to chew on - it's a great way to apply pressure and the cold will help numb their gums (small muslins)

5. To keep baby hydrated when the weather is hot – same as above to make baby-friendly ice lollies, you can also use cubes of frozen breast milk (small muslins)

6. As makeshift car window shades when out and above – close the muslin in their car window and let it hang down to provide shade (large muslins)

7. To take make up off – use muslins with cleansers or natural oils to gently remove make up (small muslins)

8. As makeshift baby sun hats – if you forget your baby’s hat, tie a knot in all four corners and use your muslin as a makeshift sun hat (small muslins)

9. As makeshift bibs – forgotten baby’s bib? Loosely tie a muslin around their neck and tuck into clothes to protect their outfit (small muslins)

10. As beach towels and sarongs – muslins are absorbent and scrunch down to nothing, perfect for the beach (large muslins)

11. As sick-ready scarves in colder months – use a large muslin to stay warm in winter and keep it on hand for when you need it (large muslins)

12. To help ease chicken pox – tie half a cup of oats securely in a muslin square for an oatmeal bath bag which helps to ease itching (small muslins)

13. To bring your baby’s room temperature down – if the weather is very hot, soak your muslins in cold water and hang them over windows and chairs in baby’s bedroom, this helps to bring the air temperature down (large muslins)

14. As breastfeeding covers – just tuck it in your bra and you’re set to feed (small muslins)

15. As flat sheets – to use on cots and baby baskets/moses baskets (small and large muslins depending on mattress size)

16. To cover your changing mat – so you don’t have to put baby down on a cold plastic mat. Also great for lining mats with covers so you don’t have to wash the cover as frequently, and for horrible bathroom changing tables when out and about (small and large muslins)

17. As nappies – if you decide not to use disposable nappies you can use muslin squares instead. Take a look at this article for the many ways you can fold (small muslins)

18. As makeshift breast pads – if you find yourself leaking when out and about. Fold them into small squares and slip them into your bra (small muslins)

19. For games of peek-a-boo – guaranteed to raise a smile in those first few months (small muslins)

20. As comforters – muslins make a great choice for comforters; machine washable and easy to carry about, perfect

We hope you’ve enjoyed our weird and wonderful ways to use your muslin squares - if you need to top up you know where we are! Please feel free to comment below with more unusual uses, I'm forever amazed and happy to update.

Thanks for reading,

Pippa x

Founder, The Little Art Collection

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