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What are swaddle blankets used for? Do I need a swaddle blanket? Are swaddle blankets safe?

June 10, 2018

What are swaddle blankets used for? Do I need a swaddle blanket? Are swaddle blankets safe?

Another quick blog post to cover off some of the most frequently asked questions about swaddling...

What is a swaddle blanket?

Swaddle blankets are blankets designed specifically for swaddling - they are large, thin and breathable to help moderate baby’s temperature. They are usually made from muslin which makes them extremely versatile, so whether you decide to swaddle or not they make a great multi-purpose essential to add to your newborn checklist. I have written before about my confusion around the different types of baby blankets, what they are used for and what you really need as a new mum - you can read this blog post here, I hope you find it helpful!

Is swaddling safe?

Swaddling is an age old practice used to help newborn babies settle and to promote sleep. There are arguments both for and against swaddling but as yet no concrete evidence to support either argument. To read more about why swaddle a baby, how to swaddle a baby and arguments for and against swaddling read this NCT article here

If you decide to adopt swaddling, The Lullaby Trust sites the following recommendations:

• Use thin materials

• Do not swaddle above the shoulders

• Never put a swaddled baby to sleep on their front

• Do not swaddle too tight

• Check the baby’s temperature to ensure they do not get too hot

Our range of swaddle blankets have been made from soft, breathable and temperature regulating 100% bamboo muslin – this helps you to conform with recommendations around temperature management and safe swaddling. It would be unethical to claim that they will reduce the chance of SIDS - they can only help you adhere to the safer sleep principles as outlined above.

What swaddle blanket is best

The Lullaby Trust does not and cannot recommend a particular product as the best swaddle blanket. They only provide safer sleep advice and it is up to parents to identify which products do or do not not fit within their guidelines, and therefore which swaddle blanket to buy.

When manufacturers talk about 'safety tests', they are talking about tests that have been done on their products in terms of general safety for use by infants, not whether or not they reduce the chance of SIDS.

In terms of general safety, all of our products have been sourced to comply with OEKOTEX standard class 1 for babies to ensure they are free from harmful chemicals. Most of our products are made in the UK and not imported from outside of the EU. Further testing is conducted here in the UK before products are launched, and I also use everything on my own baby girl Eva....mummy's little angel, willing model and product tester!

Do I need a swaddle blanket?

Swaddle blankets are essentially large, breathable baby blankets and can be used for almost anything. Ironically, I didn't swaddle either of my babies (mainly because I thought about it too late with my first - you have to do it from birth, and I did what worked first time around with my second!) but I have used my blankets day in day out. Here are the many ways in which you can use them:

  1. As extra-large muslin squares or burp cloths – 100% bamboo muslin is incredibly soft and perfect for wiping delicate skin

  2. As lightweight baby blankets – our swaddle blankets are breathable and temperature regulating, and can be layered up for use in colder months

  3. As baby play mats or for tummy time – to protect your carpet from the inevitable!

  4. As cot liners and pram liners to save on changing sheets – our swaddle blankets are very soft and large enough to cover the entire cot or pram mattress

  5. As breastfeeding covers 

  6. For lining changing mats - to keep baby comfortable whilst changing

  7. As pram covers - to protect baby from the elements (please always ensure there is airflow)

I hope you have found this blog post useful, and if you are at all unsure about what is best for you and your baby please always consult your midwife, paediatrician or local NCT group.

For further blog posts around baby blankets, swaddle blankets and links to the latest advice you can follow our blog here.

Thank you for reading,

Pippa x


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