What is muslin

March 06, 2019

What is muslin

(Pictured: 100% Bamboo Muslin Square - Duckling Design)

Muslin is an open weave, breathable fabric traditionally made with cotton. 

It is believed that it was first made in Mosul (now Iraq) and imported into Europe from India in the 17th Century.

Muslin cloth has many uses and there are many different types of muslin in different weights and yarns. What remains constant is that the fabric is durable, breathable and easy to care for

What is muslin used for with babies?

High quality (soft) muslin cloth is often used to make muslin squares or muslin baby blankets (swaddle blankets).

Muslin squares are small squares of cloth used for feeding, winding, mopping up spills and mess. Muslin is used because it's highly absorbent and dries very quickly.

Baby blankets made from muslin are lightweight and breathable – great for layering and helping parents manage baby’s body temperature. Muslin blankets also lend themselves well to swaddling due to their natural stretchiness and give – babies can be comfortably swaddled without being overly restricted

What is bamboo muslin?

Bamboo muslin is a luxury alternative to traditional cotton muslin. It is man made using cellulose extracted from bamboo. The fibres of the bamboo plant are naturally round and smooth which creates an extremely soft fabric often described as feeling like cashmere

What are the benefits of bamboo muslin?

Bamboo muslin keeps all of the useful benefits of cotton muslin – durable (machine washable), breathable and absorbent – but offers additional advantages too

  1. it’s softer than cotton (feels and drapes like silk)

  2. it’s 3-4 times more absorbent for pulling moisture away from the skin – perfect for muslin squares

  3. it’s thermo-regulating due to small microgaps within the fabric which trap cool air in the summer and warm air in the winter. This helps to regulate temperature and is unique to bamboo

  4. bamboo muslin limits skin irritation as the round and smooth fibres lie flat against the skin

  5. bamboo has no natural pests so doesn’t use pesticides to grow - a good alternative to organic cotton

  6. bamboo is the fastest growing plant on earth so yields more often from the same plot. It also needs very little water and tending to grow

  7. fabric made from bamboo is 100% biodegradable and can be completely decomposed in the soil by just micro-organisms and sunlight


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