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What is muslin

January 03, 2019

What is muslin

Muslin is ‘plain-woven’ fabric traditionally made with cotton. This means that it is spun in a crisscross fashion which makes the fabric lightweight and breathable.

It is believed that it was first made in Mosul (now Iraq) and imported into Europe from India in the 17th Century.

Muslin cloth has many uses and there are many different types of muslin in different weights and yarns. What remains constant is that the fabric is durable, breathable and easy to care for

What is muslin used for with babies?

Muslin is often used as muslin squares for feeding, cleaning up spills, mess and more. This is because it’s durable (machine washable), highly absorbent and dries quickly. Traditionally muslin squares were scratchy and rough to touch, but in recent years manufacturers have started to make them with finer yarns making them softer and kinder on delicate skin.

If you are unsure what a muslin square is you might find this blog post useful – what is a muslin square, what is a swaddle blanket and what do I need as a new mum

Muslin is also used for swaddling or as lightweight baby blankets for layering. This is because it’s breathable and allows airflow reducing the risk of overheating.

What is bamboo muslin

Bamboo muslin is a luxury alternative to traditional cotton muslin. It is made using cellulose extracted from bamboo which is man made into yarn and woven into fabric. The fibres of the bamboo plant are naturally round and smooth which creates an extremely soft fabric often described as ‘the cashmere of cotton.’ These smooth fibres lie flat against the skin which limits skin irritation and sensitivity.

Fabric made from bamboo is also temperature regulating which is why it’s frequently made into socks and bedding. Unlike cotton there are small micro-gaps within the fabric which aid ventilation trapping cool air in the summer and warm air in the winter. Perfect for helping moderate baby’s body temperature

We believe bamboo muslin is the ideal fabric for babies; it's soft, durable, machine washable, temperature regulating and absorbent - what more could you need!

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