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Gifts for a Baby Boy

Beautiful collection of natural baby gifts for boys. Designed and made in Britain from original British art. Shop our baby boy gifts below with free UK shipping (for a limited time only).

Gifts for a Baby Boy

All of our baby boy gifts are designed and made in Britain from original British art. From muslin squares to natural wooden teethers, everything in our shop is entirely unique and comes presented with sweet little artist cards telling you about the story behind each design.

Our baby muslins are extremely popular as gifts. Made from luxuriously soft organic bamboo they are both beautiful and practical - guaranteed to be used day in day out for at least the first 12 months. Muslins are available in small muslin square size and as extra-large muslins or swaddle blankets (both come with optional gift boxes). We are often asked which of these two sizes is the most useful, and our honest answer is that they are both as useful as each other! The smaller bamboo muslins are ideal for feeding, and the larger muslins or swaddle blankets can be used for feeding, swaddling and more. If you are still unsure which you need, you might find this blog post useful – what is a muslin square, what is a swaddle blanket and what do I need as a new mum.

Nearly everything we make is made with bamboo muslin – a lovely fabric offering so many benefits over cotton

  • It is organic as bamboo doesn’t use pesticides to grow
  • Its incredibly soft and much kinder on delicate skin
  • Its temperature regulating helping to moderate baby’s temperature
  • Its highly absorbent, more absorbent than cotton, and great for soaking up moisture

Read more about why we use bamboo here

If you are pushed for time or would like us to manage your gift wrapping, we offer gift wrap with a personal message on our check out pages. We can post your orders direct and will never include pricing information on gift orders. We are a small independent British brand and hand pack everything ourselves at our home office in Wiltshire, England. If you ever need to get in touch, or would like something packed in a certain way, you can contact us here at any time and we’ll do our very best to help.

Most of our designs are intended to be unisex, so if you don’t see something you like you might prefer to shop all of our products here.

We are always working on new designs which means that sadly some of these prints are limited edition. You can stay up to date with our latest news and new designs by subscribing to our monthly emails in the subscription box below, or by following us on social media.

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