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Natural Baby Bibs (Natural Bamboo Dribble Bibs)

Cute baby dribble bibs made from our signature bamboo prints. These one-size-fits-all baby bibs are perfect for teething babies – the 100% bamboo front is highly absorbent and silky to touch, and the soft fleece backing keeps baby dry and comfortable. Available with optional gift boxes and great as little gifts. Shop our dribble bibs below with FREE UK shipping on orders of £40 or more and FREE UK returns

Natural Baby Bibs - 100% Natural Bamboo Dribble Bibs

Our collection of dribble bibs have been designed and made in Britain from original British art. Made from 100% bamboo muslin and soft fleece fabric, they are highly absorbent and protect delicate skin too. Available with optional gift boxes and information about the artists, they make nice little gifts if you’re looking for something different that will last a few months.

We are a small independent British brand with a love for creativity. We design everything ourselves, make almost everything here and hand pack your orders at our home office in Wiltshire. We will never send you anything that we’re not 100% happy with, and if you ever need to speak to us you can contact us here – we’ll do our very best to help.

You will notice that most of our natural baby gifts and essentials are made with bamboo. Bamboo fabric has become increasingly popular and offers so many benefits over cotton or polyester:

  • bamboo doesn’t use pesticides to grow
  • bamboo is highly absorbent for drawing moisture away from skin
  • bamboo fabric has in-built temperature regulating properties (perfect for swaddle blankets). Cotton will not do this
  • bamboo is naturally hypoallergenic
  • bamboo fabric is much softer than cotton – ideal for delicate skin
  • it’s also machine washable and very easy to care for

You can learn more about the many benefits of bamboo here

As a new and growing business we are always working on new designs – this means that some of our dribble bibs are limited edition. To keep up to date with everything new you can follow our journey on social, we also send monthly emails which you can subscribe to using the email box at the bottom of this page.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our shop...your interest means the world to little businesses like ours.