Nursery Bedding

Silky soft collection of 100% bamboo toddler and baby bedding – natural, organic and easy to care for. Shop our range of original art nursery bedding below with FREE UK returns and FREE UK shipping on orders of £40 or more.

Young babies need a lot of sleep, especially when they’re newborn – make sure they’re getting the best sleep possible with our range of luxuriously soft bamboo baby bedding.

We believe bamboo is the ideal fabric for nursery bedding:

  • it’s incredibly soft – much softer than cotton or polyester
  • it's naturally hypoallergenic
  • it’s thermo-regulating – helping you manage your baby’s body temperature. Cotton doesn't do this
  • it organically grown and doesn’t need pesticides to grow
  • it’s highly absorbent for soaking up moisture
  • it’s easy to care for (machine washable for daily use)

Our range of unique moses basket sheets are made from 100% bamboo muslin. They are elasticated to fit both pram and moses basket mattresses and make a silky soft addition to your newborn essentials. Like everything in our shop they are designed from original British art – the details of the featured artists are included alongside your order.

If you have decided to swaddle your baby these moses basket sheets can be complemented with matching bamboo swaddle blankets. The temperature regulating properties of bamboo muslin and its breathable open weave make them ideal for swaddling. To find out more about swaddling read this blog post here – should I swaddle my baby, how to swaddle a baby and more.

For new mums seeking further advice about the safest sleep position for baby or managing baby’s body temperature while sleeping, you can follow our blog here.

As you will know the safest place for baby to sleep in the first six months is in the same room as you, but once baby is older and has transitioned to their cot you may wish to consider our 100% bamboo cot duvets. Suitable for babies 12 months and older, these cot duvets are extremely soft. Made entirely from bamboo they are insulating, machine washable, bacteria resistant and ideal for those with sensitive skin and allergies. We also offer a classic white bamboo cot duvet cover to fit – ideal for complimenting all of your favourite patterned cot sheets.

A bit about us

We are a small family business based in South West England. We make predominantly natural baby gifts, muslin squares and swaddle blankets – most of which are made here in Britain. We also make dribble bibs and natural wooden teethers to match, and a few classic-styled bamboo baby sleepsuits. We hand pack all of our orders ourselves at our home office in Wiltshire and will never send you something that we’re not 100% happy with. If you are shopping for baby gifts and would like something a packaged a certain way, you can contact us here at any time and we’ll do our very best to help.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our shop, we hope you see something you like. To keep up to date with our latest news and new designs you can follow us on social media or sign up to our monthly email newsletters using the subscription box at the bottom of this page. Thank you

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