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Organic Children's Bedding (Toddler Bedding)

Beautifully soft organic children’s bedding sets made from 100% bamboo, for the best night’s sleep possible.

High-quality children's bedding is key to a good night’s sleep, and sleep is a very important part of your child’s mental and physical health. It allows their busy little minds and bodies time to rest and recover, to restore the resources that were used up during the day and to prepare them for the next.

Our organic children’s bedding is made from 100% bamboo – silky, durable and very easy to care for. Whilst bamboo feels like silk to touch, it’s significantly easier to harvest – bamboo is the fastest growing plant on earth (sustainable) and has no natural pests so doesn’t require pesticides to grow. It’s also naturally hypoallergenic.

Our luxury children’s bedding is designed for children aged 1-5 years and to fit cots, cot beds, toddler beds and junior beds. It is gentle on little skin, OEKOTEX certified and free from harmful chemicals.

You will find some of our natural bamboo children’s bedding at prestigious five star hotels in London, because like us they believe children deserve a little bit of luxury too.