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Why we use Bamboo

Image of Bamboo forest


You will notice that some of our luxury baby essentials are made from 100% bamboo, a man-made fabric made using cellulose extracted from bamboo. This is why we like it....


Bamboo  is a luxury fabric and is extremely soft, often described as ‘the cashmere of cotton’. This is because the bamboo fibre itself is naturally round and smooth. These smooth fibres lie flat against the skin which also limits skin irritation and sensitivity.


The bamboo plant is extremely absorbent and able to take up to three times its weight in water. As a fabric it retains this quality pulling moisture away from the skin so that it can easily evaporate.

Temperature regulating

Bamboo fabric has micro-gaps which aid in ventilation, meaning they trap cool air in the summer and warm air in the winter to help regulate baby's body temperature.

Green and organic

Bamboo is a green alternative to cotton; it grows quickly meaning it’s easily renewable and needs less water to grow (1/3 less than cotton). It also has no natural pests and so doesn't use pesticides (unlike Cotton) - 2.4% of the world’s crop land is planted with cotton and yet it accounts for 24% and 11% of the global sales of insecticide and pesticides respectively.

Greenhouse gases

Bamboo minimises CO2 and generates up to 35% more oxygen than equivalent stands of trees.


Clothing made from bamboo can be composted and disposed in an organic and environmentally way.

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