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Poppy Bamboo Swaddle Blankets

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Our bamboo swaddle blankets are made from 100% bamboo, often described as the ‘cashmere of cotton’. Not only are they significantly softer than cotton but they are kinder to the environment too. Our bamboo swaddles are organic as bamboo has no natural pests and so doesn’t use pesticides. They also help to moderate baby’s temperature due to small micro-gaps within the fabric which trap cool air in the summer and warm air in the winter. Our extra-large swaddle blankets are;

  • Incredibly soft – due to the round and smooth fibres of the bamboo plant

  • Environmentally-friendly – bamboo grows quickly (it’s the fastest growing plant on earth) and needs 1/3 less water to grow than cotton

  • Breathable – which allows body heat to escape

  • Temperature regulating – to reduce the risk of overheating

  • Versatile – at 120cm x 120cm they can be used for more than just swaddling

  • Absorbent – drawing moisture away from the skin

  • Easy to care for – machine washable for everyday use

  • Unique – all of our prints have been designed in collaboration with aspiring British-based artists.

What can I use my bamboo swaddle blankets for?

These extra-large swaddle blankets can be used for swaddling, as large muslins for feeding, as breastfeeding covers, for lining prams and moses baskets/sleeping pods/sleepyheads, for lining cots (they will cover the full mattress), as changing mat liners or makeshift changing mats when out and about, as play mats or for tummy time, and more.

‘FIELD POPPIES’ – Artist Kat Garbutt

These striking Poppy print swaddle blankets have been designed in collaboration with Glasgow School of Art student Kat Garbutt. Kat studies Textile Design and was drawn to textiles by its bright colours and varied textures. She has always loved painting and drawing and enjoys working with mixed media. She grew up in rural Cornwall and finds inspiration in the great outdoors. On finishing her degree she aspires to design playful textiles for children.

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